“What do you want your target audience to feel, think, and do as a result of encountering your brand?” – Jacqueline Taylor-Adams

TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt [TAMM] is a business consulting and marketing agency with a heart for the people. Driven by purpose, TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt works to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, arts organizations, grassroots movements and independent artists with an affordable big business impact. TAMM is the official marketing agency for the Urban Tech Fair, BBS Value REWIND OutLoud(c) Tour, and Master Griot Publishing.

Why TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt? Why is TaylorAdams4Me? It’s simple. In this tough economy, your marketing dollars must be spent wisely, getting as much extended impact and direct contact with your target audience as possible. Let’s be honest. Those dollars need to convert to sales!

We believe that Passion + Vision + Talent + Existing Resources = A Solid Foundation to Build Brand Image and Strategic Market Positioning

Having branded the genre of “esteem building art and entertainment” to help diminish the impact of the negative imaging of Blacks in art and entertainment, TAMM has attracted incredible social entrepreneurial business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and community leaders who truly have a heart for the best for youth and their communities.

At TaylorAdams Marketing and MgMt, we’re Simply Building Branding and Business via innovation, strategy, strategic advertising and sponsorship that develop more intimate relationships, leads, and repeat sales. Now, how may we help you!

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