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Welcome to your Business Resource Directory powered by TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt. The directory is for you to use and create. List your businesses, associations, award programs, organizations, products, and services free for one year!** Can’t find your category, then create it. Don’t just think about promoting your information, also share useful information with others. There’s also a special section for coupons, discounts, or specials. Hey, we all like saving money.

Plus we promote the directory to over 3,500 in our bi-weekly Directory T-Blast to email subscribers and social media. Upgrade and choose the T-Blast Listing where, for a 90 day cycle, your listing is listed in the bi-weekly directory blast for only $19.99 or even better, a Featured Listing which includes the 90 day T-Blast plus your listing featured in top of one category for six (6) months for only $29.99*.

First, place your basic one year free listing. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT. Once you’ve placed your Basic Listing come back and order your upgrade!


  • T-Blast Listing – $19.99 (listed in bi-weekly blast for 90 days)

    Basic Listing Title

  • Featured Listing – $29.99 (T-Blast Listing plus highlighted listing in directory for 6 months)

    Basic Listing Title

Want to discuss strategy to get the most out of your listing? No problem, contact our Marketing Strategist Jacqueline at 1.877.552.7012, ext. 1111 or email

* – Featured Listing is on sale for $29.99 through Feb 1, 2014 – standard rate is $39.99

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